Small rectangular chapel with a gabled roof that was surprisingly built facing to the South. The corners of the roof are finished with colourful pyramidal pinnacles. On the facade there is a lintel door that is flanked by two oval shaped lateral oculi. On the edge there is a small bell tower of a single opening. In the left arch of the interior we find the patron saint of the temple, carved from a single piece of stone, placed under the arch where the altar was previously situated. In the middle of the nave there is another series of arches that carry the image of Our Lady of Sorrows. The cross that is located next to the facade dates from 1771-1776. Its pedestal is almost cubic and has a column with a square section at the base, later becoming octagonal. The cross is of square section, with a Corinthian capital. Over the capital there is a column with the image of Christ and the Virgin.