This stone cross is placed in front of the house that belonged to Cándido González Lopo who was the one who restored it, also adding some new figures. From the primitive cross is the platform, base, column and capital. At the base, that is cubical, on one of the side faces, a niche with a St Anthony that shows that it was an old wayside shrine. In another, barring another opening with a tombstone, the following text appears: "THIS CROSS WAS RESTORED IN CORDERO IN 1978 BY CANDIDO GONZALEZ LOPO IN A POSTHUMOUS TRIBUTE TO HIS ANCESTORS AND TO ALL RESIDENTS OF LANA INSUA ". Placed at the base, there is another effigy that extends his hand asking for alms:


In the column next to it, we find the figures of Saint Peter with key and book, Saint Lucia with palm and plate with the eyes, and the Virgin of Carmen with the Child, scapulars and crown. Behind the column there is an ​​iron cross with the representation of the Assumption and written on a tile "Our Lady of lana Esperanza-Macarena". On the capital, there are acanthus leaves, a nine-armed swastika, a five-petal flower, four-leaf clover and other decorative motifs. On the cross, on the side of the Christ are the figures of the Virgin and St John. On the reverse, a Piety on a plinth above the head of an angel with wings. The residents remember the old cross that broke. They were many years without it, until Cándido González placed the current one made of iron with the saints on its shaft and the tombstone of the base.