This is an urban palace of rectangular floor plan that occupies a singular position in the urban scene, with a facade that faces Ponte road, which is the main route in to the town. The most unique thing about this house is the neoclassical facade of its private chapel, which is set out vertically by the superposition of three bodies framed by fluted pilasters. In the intermediate section stands a shield that places a Maltese cross in the centre of a six-pointed star interspersed with fleur de lis and surrounded by a royal crown. In the upper section, a bell tower with balcony from which its bells are played on the day of the party. In this private oratory an image of the Holy Family is kept, which leaves in procession on a Saturday of Sorrows on the way to the Church of the Sacred Heart (next to the Town Hall), and returns on a Tuesday of Sorrows to the chapel. An image of the Nazarene is also kept in the oratory. On a Saturday, the procession departs from the chapel of Dona Sofia country house on the way to the Méndez chapel, where it meets the Virgin of Sorrows. Then the Virgin and the Holy Family walk together towards the church of the Sacred Heart. On a Tuesday (the day on which the festivities end) they leave again in procession from the new church to return the images to their respective chapels.