Raised in the year 1791, it is located behind the front facade, but inside the atrium. The capital of the main cross "begins with a row of leaves; from the abacus with curved sides and corners in chamfer come four volutes that interrupt a decorated Doric moulding. The cross is woody, with very noticeable knots and a cylindrical section, with the lower part almost absorbed by the mantle of the Virgin (...). The Christ has the head lying on the right side, with crown and beard. You can see ribs, a loin cloth tied to the right, legs separated, slightly flexed and crossed feet resting on a skull with two tibias. The arms are short and, in spite of having his hands closed, the nail is noticeable, just as in the feet. The Virgin, with halo, holds Christ in her arms in a difficult posture, almost seated on her right leg and with the head hanging to the left, precocious and tall with respect to the first and posing on an angel's head. He wears a very broad cloak that falls from his head to his feet, picking up the two figures inside him. "On both sides of the main cross, another crucified and another image of the Virgin, this time covered with a cloak and arms in gesticulation.