These wayside shrines are located at the base of Cruz da Carrola, and have shared this location since 1963. It is a gray granite pocket with a rectangular body. "The chamfered ledge holds three niches. The two sides have a square door and a semicircular lintel with a curved roof. They are crowned by a square section cross at the beginning, with the edges lowered almost to the limits of the laterals and front face, ending in a flat flower with four petals "(Sánchez Cora, and Martínez Plasencia, 1990). The lateral niches were used to deposit the offerings of corn and potatoes. The altarpiece, carved in stone, is presided over by an image of St Francis or St Anthony, with a disproportionate anatomy. With his hands he takes those of two souls, among which is not that of a capped priest who stands at his feet.