A natural viewpoint situated at 545 meters in height and located in the parish of Barbudo. Its name comes from the Latin voice "captatorius", which means watchtower, viewpoint, a place from where you can see far away. From this point we have a privileged view, first of all, of the village of Barbudo and its fort (to the Southeast), also known as O Castelo (467 m high). From here we can enjoy a spectacular view of the reservoir of Eiras -constructed in 1977- which supplies drinking water to the city of Vigo, artificially damming the waters of the Barragán River. To the North we have a beautiful view, first of all, of the village of Rebordelo and 2,74 km away, the town of Ponte Caldelas, crossed by the Verdugo River. In the southwest direction we dominate a part of the estuary of Vigo, with the Rande Bridge located almost 16 km from the hill that hosts it.