Wayside shrine of the closed type that also forms part of a wall. It has a rectangular alcove with a lobed arch end, protected by a metal gate and finishes with a cross made in stone. In the alcove we can see a stone altarpiece in which the Sacred Heart appears in a central position accompanied on the sides by St Rita on the right, and the Virgin of the Helpless on the left. In the lower part of the altarpiece there is a St Anthony with a child in his lap accompanied by two angels and six young souls, among which a bishop and a priest are distinguished. The breastplate presents two legends. The first appears in a medallion located in the altarpiece and says:
“HELP WITH YOUR ALMS TO THE BLESSED SOULS OF THE PURGOTARY” A second legend inscribed on a plaque of marble on the base of the shrine reads:
YEAR 1933”