Closed type shrine made of stonework. It has a wide latticed alcove with a rectangular section. The pocket for alms is in its lower area. The construction is finished with a fine Irish cross with fleur-de-lis finials. Inside the recess appears a polychrome wooden altarpiece in which stands out the image of the Virgin of Carme with a Child in her lap on a large cloud flanked by two angels. In the lower part appears the figure of a bishop in a central position, accompanied by a young soul that is consoled by the Virgin on the left, and by a bearded man on the right. This wayside shrine was ordered to be erected by Manuel Barreiro Pérez, who became a resident of Breixiña (Caritel), when he returned from Brazil in 1902. The person in charge of the construction was Francisco García, a resident of Sucastro (A Lama), who also built the house that is in front.