Its facade is baroque and consists of two sections. The first consists of a door with sideflaps topped by a niche that houses a stone image of St. Catherine of Siena; on it an oculus with a polychrome stained glass window with the image of St Eulalia. This section is flanked by two slender pilasters attached to the wall. This part appears separated from the superior by means of a cornice from which a split pediment surmounted by a monumental tower emerges. The pediment is flanked by two pinnacles and in the tympanum the titular saint appears again. The bell tower was built in 1891 (the previous one was struck down by lightning in 1889) and consists of three sections. The first is part of the pediment, while the second and third display a stone balustrade. The four bells are located in the central section, finished in height by a dome crowned in pinnacle and cross. The atrium of the temple is landscaped following a French style that adorns different architectural remains from the Romanesque temple, which has now disappeared. One of the highlights is the baroque figurative stone cross that was built in the year 1692.