The fluvial beach of A Calzada is the only one in Galicia and also Spain that has been awarded with a blue flag. Through it passes the Blue Path of Ponte Caldelas, which borders the River Verdugo between the village and the Pasos da Fraga, where it joins with another path that of As Almiñas and Foxo do Lobo. The fluvial beach, located less than 1 km from the Caldelas bridge, has all the services (lifeguards, playground, specialized bathing area: children, adults, animals) and is located in a lush natural landscape of great scenic beauty. The beach takes its name from the causeway or dam that, in 1907, was built with the initiative of the married couple Clotilde Fernández Orge and José Estévez Fernández in order to convert the force of the water from the River Verdugo into electric light. Clotilde, a modern and enlightened woman endowed with a strong personality, promoted the arrival of the electric light to Ponte Caldelas by means of the construction of a light factory that was located in the same building that her grandfather exploited a series of flour mills. Thanks to her initiative, the old mills became an industrial complex that worked during the day as both a wood sawmill and a mill and then, at night, as a turbine to provide electricity to the town of Verdugo.