This oak tree grove, also known as (O Campo dos Remedios), hosts a bandstand carved in a granite stone known as "granite of the fly", a name given by the large biotite crystals that stand out in the whitish mass of feldspathic quartz. At the foot of the road there is also a stone cross and a small chapel with a well. The first one has a thick column with an octagonal section ending in a capital with a cubic shape decorated on all four sides with angel faces with wings in the volute corners. On the cross a Christ with a loin cloth, head tilted and half a mane decorated in a crown of thorns; with his hands pierced by nails, he is still the one to bless. On the back a Virgin in an act of prayer covered by a cloak draped from head to toe. Next to the transept, a rectangular building built entirely of stone -even the roof- is called “alatorio" (small chapel), according to Sánchez Cora and Martínez Plasencia (1990). Closed by an artistic grid, it houses a tile painted with the image of the Virgin of Remedies and a stone bench to pose this image on the day of the party.