The sequoia is a tree of the conifer type originally from California, of which there are several species, which can reach more than one hundred meters in height and live for more than two thousand years. In the communal mount of Tourón, as in the municipality of Poio, there is a small forest formed by about 40 specimens of this tree that, in its maturity, requires four adults to span its diameter. The sequoias, which have a high resistance to fire (its bark is fireproof, hence its scientific name is Sequoia sempervirens, "live forever"), survived the fires of the 1980s. Its wood, of great resistance, does not rot, hence it is very demanded in the construction sector. An anecdote that illustrates its hardness: dollar bills are made with paper from this tree. The origin of this small American forest is in a nursery planted in the early 1960s by the Forestry Research Centre of Lourizán (Pontevedra). Its seed was sent to other services in the state.