Ponte Caldelas presents numerous rock art resources. The most significant are in the parish of Tourón where there is one of the most unique outdoor prehistoric rock art complexes in Galicia, the archaeological area of ​​Tourón, an area of ​​more than 150,000 square meters that allows us to visit five sites with engravings in a route of great scenic beauty. The Archaeological area of ​​Mount Tourón is a good precursor to learn more about the meaning of the petroglyphs that are deployed throughout the area. These rock engravings represent a great variety of motifs that go from geometric combinations to the usual hunting scenes. From the compositional point of view we can differentiate the existence of simple petroglyphs, such as the circles of Outeiro da Forcadela, and others extraordinarily complex, such as the large panel of the Laxe das Cruces, which contains a large and heterogeneous set of geometric and naturalistic motifs, or the spectacular deer hunting scene carved out in Nabal de Martiño.