Located in the vicinity of the Country House of St Raymond, from where it takes its name. Apparently, in the year 1927, a car arrived at the stone cross that was intended to take him to a property that the Minister Montero Ríos had in Lourizán (Pontevedra). The priest of the parish opposed and lay down in front of the car to avoid the transfer and the parishioners came armed with sticks and slaps alarmed by the bell. The original cross was damaged by the plunderers, which led to its fall and ruin coinciding with a storm in 1941, an atmospheric phenomenon that also knocked down the bell tower of the parish church. The stonecutter who repaired it in 1926 was José Boullosa, apparently a disciple of the maestro José Cerviño. With all the original stone cross dating from 1738, when it was made by Clemente Figueroa, whose name appears on the pedestal. Subsequently, in 1816, it was rebuilt by a successor of his, surnamed Martínez and Figueroa. On the obverse of the cross is an image of the crucified Christ, while on the reverse a masculine image appears (the original was a Virgin) with a heart pierced by a sword. Subjects in the arms of the cross, two little angels look towards the image.