Small temple built in 1892 with a rectangular floor plan, a single nave and gabled roof. The interior lacks openings, with the exception of the arches that illuminate the narthex or incumbents, a semi-open space intended to hold meetings among the parishioners. The access is protected by a large semicircular arch. The interior has a small altar adorned with a wooden altarpiece. Next to the north wall of the churchyard is a prismatic based cross. It rises on a column of square section that flows into an octagonal. Both the column and the pedestal are the oldest elements of the stone cross. The capital shows a single row of twisted leaves at the apex and a large scroll at each corner. The abacus, with curved sides and chamfered angles, has in the middle a small flower with three petals and a stem. The cross, of square section, carries the INRI cartouche on the figure of Christ crucified facing north. On the back appears the image of Santa Ana and the Virgin girl.