Here we have a chapel from the XVIII century which is the result of an extension of the previous temple. The main facade, of great simplicity, presents a door covered by a semicircular arch and a high belfry as a coronation; on both sides of it entrance there are two pyramidal pinnacles. In the churchyard, in which stands a modest Via Crucis, we find a square-based stone cross and a single platform on which stands a pyramidal shaped shaft pedestal with the edges lowered in the central part. The column is of square section at the start, then becoming octagonal, and ends again with the same section as in the beginning. The capital, which is part of the same block, is adorned with stepped mouldings and an edge. The cross follows in the whole section of the column. The facade bears a curious inscription from 1870 in which alms are requested for the Virgin of Remedies. In the interior the baroque altarpiece of the XVIII century had to be replaced by another modern one. In the central alcove we see the image of St Michael accompanied on both sides of the baby Jesus and the Virgin of Remedies.