Until recently this stone cross was decorated coinciding with the festival of St Rocco with arches of flowers. It was built over four steps in the year 1764, as it appears in a larger epigraph that is today illegible. It possesses a cubic pedestal, with upper edges that are chamfered, starting in a square section column converting in to an octagonal. Rope shaped gothic style column that precedes a smooth collar. Above it sits an original capital of volutes with the symbol of death under the feet of the Crucified One, who appears rigid and inexpressive, inhuman. In his anatomy his hairstyle stands out: "a long spiral that forms a single and thick ringlet", in the words of Sánchez Cora and Martínez Plasencia (1990). On the reverse, a Virgin carved in to the same block as the Christ who covers his head with a smooth mantle that reveals the folds of the dress. Of frontal anatomy and improbable, bearing the Baby Jesus in the lap, with the little arms open in a jocular attitude placing the weight of their bodies on the head of a cherub.